Birdwatching at Ria

The Ria de Aveiro is one of the most abundant and exciting areas for birdwatching, that is, observing and (trying) to identify the most diverse birds that make the Ria de Aveiro a permanent habitat or one of the stops on the long migratory journey.

Birdwatching has conquered more and more lovers and along the Ria we can find some places prepared for this activity.

The most suitable place to observe Anatidae is in the Pateira de Fermentelos – São Jacinto reserve. Here we can find the trumpeter duck, the piadeira and the marrequinha and some other more common species.

Other birds with characteristics of aquatic habitats such as the flamingo, spoonbill, black ibis, osprey, and blue-footed booby are also present during the winter season.

The white stork, the purple heron, the sandwich weasel and the nightingale are also examples of other nesting species that we can find in the Ria.